The values of Los Olivares

Our oils come from centenarian (hundred-year-old) olive trees, in which we apply the most advanced and ecological cultivation techniques together with traditional collection methods; thus granting our olive oil a superior quality. Our products range from the extra virgin olive oil to pomace olive oil, all of them of the highest, finest quality. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets the necessary requirements and quality for its use in cosmetics products and beauty treatments.
All this is achieved by following our 3 hallmarks.

Spanish tradition


Based on an ancient olive oil tradition, we are proud of our roots, whereby, combining the latest technological methods with the experience obtained through generations, we are capable of producing an olive oil of exceptional quality.



We make use of the most advanced cultivation techniques, which allow us to monitor and exhaustively care for our olive groves throughout the year. The highly qualified and experienced field staff at Los Olivares carry out all necessary tasks for the perfect maintenance of every single one of our olive trees as well as a continuous follow up of the condition our olive groves; thus, determining the optimal time to start the recollection, ensuring this way, the maximum quality of the final product.



We believe in an environment which is free of pesticides and herbicides that is why we root for minimal tillage and for the care of olive groves through organic farming which allows us to maintain the superb quality of our olives with maximum respect for our environment.


Los Olive oil obtained
according to the tradition ceremony


We believe in early harvest; collecting when the olive is still green to ensure the best quality of our olive oil. This way we obtain unique shades of flavor; thanks to this, we can increase the olive grove resting period and the amount of times the trees are harvested.

Only a few hours after harvesting, the olives reach the mill, where, after being classified, the extraction process takes place using the most advanced machinery of the sector.
Through this process, the best olives become the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Immediately after, the olive oil is conveniently stored in the cellar, which is equipped with the latest, most advanced technology. This ensures the preservation of all oil organoleptic qualities; guaranteeing both healthy properties and incomparable flavour nuances are untouched by the time they reach the final consumer.